Why does Bieber Take Over Front Page News?


“Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami for a DUI.”

“Justin Bieber surrendered to Toronto Police Division 52.”

These are the headlines of some of the the main news stories that were on the front page of the CNN website this past week.

Meanwhile, more important news stories were happening. Last Friday, when the article about Justin Bieber’s arrest in Miami headlined the front page of CNN.com, massive protests in Ukraine had escalated outside of the capital of Kiev. There were even some fatalities among the protesters. However, this major international news story was nowhere to be found on the front page of CNN.com.

Celebrity news, or infotainment,  seems to be of utmost importance to the general public for big news organizations such as CNN. Indeed, putting celebrity news on the front page of  websites and announcing such stories as breaking news will bring about more hits, and therefore more money for the company.

In the introduction to his book Rich Media/Poor Democracy, Robert McChesney explains that the rise of neoliberalism and the process of deregulation has enabled the rise of media corporations to grow and become wealthy. Since CNN is an independent media corporation, it has the power to publish any type of news that it wants. The type of news that it has been publishing this past week, the constant infotainment, rather than information, can gather a lot of hits by the general audience. The head of CNN can control whatever is being said, and what information is being put out as long as it gets many views. It does not necessarily deliver information that is for the general good of the audience. It cares about generating revenue from advertisers rather than publishing news stories about more serious issues going on around the world.

Media corporations rely on infotainment to generate greater wealth, as they know that the general audience consumes all that is celebrity related. However, they deprive them of more serious information such as newsworthy events that are happening worldwide.

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